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Table 2 Protocols of the ongoing studies registered at the and the ANZCTR

From: Effectiveness of minimally invasive surgical procedures in the acceleration of tooth movement: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Study ID Trial name or title Study design Intervention + treatment comparison Sample size/age/gender Outcomes
NCT02606331 Efficacy of minimally invasive surgical technique in accelerating orthodontic treatment -RCT/PG
-Single blind (outcomes assessor)
-Piezocision + OT vs. OT
- MOPs accomplished by ER: YAG laser + OT vs. OT
36/15–27/both (male, females) Primary outcomes: rate of canine retraction
Secondary outcomes: rate of molar anchorage loss/canine rotation/levels of pain and discomfort
NCT02359760 Assessment of piezoelectric periodontal surgery effects on orthodontic treatment: a prospective pilot study - RCT/PG
-Single blind (outcomes assessor)
Piezocision + OT vs. OT EXP:20, CON:40/18–40/both (male, females) Primary outcomes: duration of orthodontic treatment
Secondary outcomes: compare the duration of treatment with the control group/overall quality of treatment (ABO) standards/pain/inflammatory markers/density and bone volume/root resorption
NCT02590835 Efficiency of piezocision-assisted orthodontic treatment in adult patients - RCT/PG
-Open label
Piezocision + OT vs. OT 24/21 years and older/both (male, females) Primary outcomes: overall treatment time measurement.
Secondary outcomes: root resorption/periodontal parameters/patient-centred outcomes
NCT01720797 Alveolar micro-perforation for inflammation-enhanced tooth movement during orthodontic treatment (propel) - RCT/PG
- Open label
MOPs + OT vs. OT 15/18–55/both (male, females) Primary outcomes: tooth movement
Secondary outcomes: NR
NCT02549950 Efficiency of piezo-corticision in accelerating orthodontic tooth movement - RCT/PG
- Open label
Peizo-corticision + OT vs. OT NR/15–35/both (male, females) Primary outcomes: rate of orthodontic canine movement.
Secondary outcomes: rate of orthodontic incisor retraction/quality of treatment outcome (ABO) standards
NCT02473471 Micro-osteoperforation and tooth movement - RCT/PG
-Double blind (investigator outcomes assessor)
MOPs + OT vs. OT 40/13–45/both (males, females) Primary outcomes: rate of tooth movement
Secondary outcomes: pain/root resorption/patient satisfaction
NCT02571348 Optimum micro-osteoperforations accelerated tooth movement interval -RCT/PG
-Single blind (outcomes assessor)
MOPs + OT vs. OT 36/18–45/both (males, females) Primary outcomes: rate of orthodontic tooth movement
Secondary outcomes: rate of orthodontic tooth movement between maxilla and mandible and when micro-osteoperforations performed at 4-, 8- and 12-week intervals/pain.
NCT02416297 Three-dimensional evaluation of accelerated tooth movement - RCT/PG
- Open label
MOPs + OT vs. OT 50/16–60/both (males, females) Primary outcomes: velocity rate of anterior retraction/bone demineralization
Secondary outcomes: NR
ACTRN12615000593538 Register: ANZCTR The effects of micro-osteoperforations on orthodontic root resorption and tooth movement—a pilot study -RCT/SP
-Double blind (investigator, outcomes assessor)
MOPs + OT vs. OT 15/12–18/both (males, Females) Primary outcomes: root resorption
Secondary outcomes: orthodontic tooth movement/level of discomfort
  1. RCT randomized clinical trial, PG parallel-group design, SP split-mouth design, MOPs micro-osteoperforations, OT orthodontic therapy, NR not reported, EXP experimental group, CON control group, ABO American Board of Orthodontics’ grading system