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Fig. 3

From: Mandibular molar uprighting using orthodontic miniscrew implants: a systematic review

Fig. 3

Uprighting of #37 with a miniscrew implant and a cantilever. a A miniscrew is placed in the retromolar area, and a small cantilever of beta-titanium wire is inserted in a small buccal tube on the labial surface of #37. The yellow and green arrows represent the force system on both the tooth and the TAD. b Uprighting of the molar with a cantilever connected from the tooth to the screw distal to the molar. c Occlusal view of #37 at the beginning of uprighting. d Lateral view of #37 at the beginning stage. e Lateral view of #37 at the end of uprighting. (From Musilli et al. [2], with kind permission of Progress in Orthodontics)

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