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Table 1 Elastic strain energy calculation after application of two traction intensities tested (7.8 and 9.8 N) with an inclination of 0° with respect to the occlusal plane

From: Facemask performance during maxillary protraction: a finite element analysis (FEA) evaluation of load and stress distribution on Delaire facemask

Loads (N) Inclination Total elastic energy [mJ] Energy on ABS supports [mJ] Energy on metallic lateral bars [mJ] Energy on metallic vertical bar [mJ]
7.8 1,4545 0,0090 0,8731 0,5724
9.8 2,2762 0,0140 1,3643 0,8944
  1. N Newton; mJ milliJoule, 1 mJ is equivalent to 0.001 J (Joule); ABS Acrilonitrile butadiene stirene