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Table 3 Comparison of difference in Rt (maximum roughness height) between baseline and post polishing roughness

From: Comparative evaluation of enamel surface roughness after debonding using four finishing and polishing systems for residual resin removal—an in vitro study

R t Mean baseline roughness height Mean post polishing roughness height Mean difference Rt
Group 1 1.24 μm 4.24 μm 3.00 μm
Group 2 1.28 μm 4.24 μm 2.96 μm
Group 3 1.26 μm 3.84 μm 2.58 μm
Group 4 1.28 μm 5.36 μm 4.08 μm
p value 0.925 < 0.001 < 0.001
  1. Rt maximum roughness height, μm micrometer, p value probability value