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Table 1 Non-parametric MANCOVA on ABL (difference between pre- and post-treatment levels) at different mesiodistal locations (mesial or distal), and side memberships (space closure or control)

From: Effect of mandibular first molar mesialization on alveolar bone height: a split mouth study

  d.f. F p
Covariate (patient) 1 0.18 0.677
Side 1 2.95 0.085*
Mesiodistal location 1 2.10 0.156
Side × mesiodistal location 1 0.95 0.339
Residual 95   
Total 99   
Comparison1 p
Mesial space closure vs. mesial control 0.042**
Distal space closure vs. distal control 0.639
  1. Two crossed factors and their interactions were analyzed in each case having “patient” as a covariate: mesiodistal location (fixed factor; 2 locations) and side membership (fixed factor; 2 sides)
  2. *Close to statistical significance level, p < 0.05
  3. 1Pair-wise a posteriori tests between side membership factor, within the levels of mesiodistal location factor
  4. **p < 0.05; Wilcoxon signed-rank test: p = 0.015