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Fig. 3

From: Three-dimensional soft tissue changes according to skeletal changes after mandibular setback surgery by using cone-beam computed tomography and a structured light scanner

Fig. 3

Soft tissue landmarks on facial scan images. 1, nasal ala (Al dev/ctl); 2, pronasale (Pn); 3, subnasale (Sn); 4, A’ point; 5, labrale superius (Ls); 6, stomion superius (Smts); 7, cheilion (Ch dev/ctl); 8, stomion inferius (Stmi); 9, labrale inferius (Li); 10, B’ point (B′); 11, pogonion’ (Pog’); 12, menton’ (Me’); 13, zygomatic point (Zy dev/ctl); and 14, cheek point (Ck dev/ctl). See also Table 2 for the description of 3D soft tissue landmarks

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