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Table 3 Description of soft tissue linear measurements in the study

From: Three-dimensional soft tissue changes according to skeletal changes after mandibular setback surgery by using cone-beam computed tomography and a structured light scanner

Nasal width (Al dev–Al ctl)Distance between nasal ala of the deviated side and contralateral side
Lip width (Ch dev–Ch ctl)Distance between cheilion of the deviated side and contralateral side
Lower Facial height (Sn–Me’)Distance between subnasale and menton’
Upper lip height (Sn–Stms)Distance between subnasale and stomion superius
Lower lip height (Stmi–Pog’)Distance between stomion inferius and pogonion’
Upper vermilion height (Ls–Stms)Distance between labrale superius and stomion superius
Lower vermilion height (Li–stmi)Distance between labrale inferius and stomion inferius