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Table 4 RoB of cohort study in the qualitative synthesis based on the Joanna Briggs Institute Critical Appraisal Checklist

From: Allergies/asthma and root resorption: a systematic review

Questions—analytical cohort study McNab et al. [14]
1—Were the two groups similar and recruited from the same population? Y
2—Were the exposures measured similarly to assign people to both exposed and unexposed groups? Y
3—Was the exposure measured in a valid and reliable way? Y
4—Were confounding factors identified? Y
5—Were strategies to deal with confounding factors stated? Y
6—Were groups/participant free of the outcome at the start of the study (or at the moment of exposure)? Y
7—Were the outcomes measured in a valid and a reliable way? N
8—Was the follow-up time reported and sufficient to be long enough for outcomes to occur? U
9—Was follow-up complete, and if not, were the reasons for loss to follow up described and explored? Y
10—Were strategies to address incomplete follow-up utilized? U
11—Was appropriate statistical analysis used? Y
%Yes/risk 72.7
Overall Low
  1. Y yes, N no, U unclear, N.A not applicable