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Table 1 Means, standard deviations, and Tukey’s analysis of the color difference of the studied groups (p < 0.0001)

From: Casein phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate and universal adhesive resin as a complementary approach for management of white spot lesions: an in-vitro study

Groups Color difference (ΔE)
  Mean ± SD
II (Artificially created WSLs) 8.18a ± 0.43
III (ICON resin-treated WSLs) 2.83c ± 0.23
IV (CPP-ACP-treated WSLs) 3.84b ± 0.75
V (Universal adhesive resin-treated WSLs) 4.23b ± 0.26
VI (CPP-ACP and universal adhesive resin-treated WSLs) 2.35c ± 0.21
  1. Means with the same superscript letter are not significantly different at p ≤ 0.05