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Figure 2

From: A histological and micro-CT investigation in to the effect of NGF and EGF on the periodontal, alveolar bone, root and pulpal healing of replanted molars in a rat model - a pilot study

Figure 2

Linear measurements to assess of alveolar bone height and root length from the micro-CT sections. Linear measurements of alveolar bone loss (AB) and root length (RL) of the maxillary left and right first molars (M1). (A) Linear measurements to assess alveolar bone loss were taken from the level of the cementoenamel junction (CEJ) to the alveolar bone crest mesial to the first molar (m-AB), at the furcation of the first molar distal to the mesial root (f-AB) and distal to the first molar (d-AB). (B) Measurement of the mesial root length (m-RL) from the CEJ to the mesial root apex was taken to assess the level of root development (FigureĀ 2B). All teeth were analysed using the sagittal slice that contained the longest length of the mesial root. The mesial root only was assessed to eliminate trauma that may have been sustained to the distal roots during the luxation process.

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